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Exeter Health Library is open for you during lockdown

Whilst using the library please remember that you must wear a face covering and observe social distancing – we have put markings on the floor and some of the desks to help you.

As there is a requirement to wear face coverings, food is not allowed in the library during this time.

Following Trust guidance, we are keeping the windows open to ensure the space is kept well ventilated. This means it may get chilly, so please come prepared with extra layers to keep you cosy. Please don’t shut the windows!

Staffed hours may vary from our usual times, but don’t worry, the team are still working and available to support your information needs. The best way to contact us is by email at


We are providing all our usual services, so please continue to request books, articles, literature searches and information skills training as you would normally do! We are offering tailored training sessions over MS Teams, and are happy to help you with all your enquiries. You can continue to borrow books using our self-service kit, and if you need our help in the library feel free to drop us a message to find out when we will be there to help, or we can arrange to chat to you on MS Teams. To find out more about how we can help you take a look at our website at exeterhealthlibrary.net

As the drop box at Oasis is currently out of service please return any books to the Library in the PMS/RILD building. Alternatively, you can renew your books online, or message us for help with renewals.

The Library doors will be unlocked as usual from 08.30-17.30, Monday to Friday. If you need access outside these times and don’t already have it just let us know and we can help.

Stay safe everyone!

The Library Team

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