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BMJ Comorbidity Tool

The Royal Devon Knowledge & Library Services are running a trial of the BMJ Comorbidity Tool.

The Comorbidity tool is an embedded resource within BMJ Best Practice.

BMJ Best Practice is a nationally funded point of care decision making tool funded by HEE, the Comorbidity tool is an additional subscription.

“One in three adults admitted to hospital in the UK have
five or more conditions. People with multimorbidity
have poorer functional status, quality of life, and health
outcomes, and are higher users of ambulatory and
inpatient care than those without multimorbidity.
They also have a higher mortality rate. This poses a problem for
patients, healthcare professionals, and health systems. In light of
this, BMJ Best Practice recently launched a new tool – BMJ Best
Practice Comorbidities. This tool enables doctors to add a patient’s
comorbidities to an existing management plan and get a tailored
plan instantly.”


We are running a trial of the tool until 10 October

To access BMJ Best Practice comorbidity tool for the trial, please scan the QR code below to create an account or click HERE 

 All feedback received via our online form will inform decision making on subscribing to this tool. Scan the QR code below to access the survey or click HERE

If you require the survey in an alternative format please contact either rde-tr.library@nhs.net (Eastern) or ndht.library@nhs.net (Northern).

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