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Download the latest Gastroenterology resource list here (PDF):

To look for specific books, please search the Library Catalogue.

Here is a list of some of the newest additions to stock in this subject area:
(Click on the title to check availability on the Library Catalogue)

To browse a fuller list of books available on this topic on the catalogue, please click here: browse Gastroenterology books.

All e-books are catalogued and accessible via the Library Catalogue.
An NHS OpenAthens login is required to access most e-books.

Here are some titles which are available as e-books (click title to access and log in with NHS OpenAthens login if prompted):

Title Year Author
Gastric and oesophaegeal surgery (Oxford Specialist Handbook) 2014 Chaudry
Oxford handbook of gastroenterology & hepatology. 2nd ed. 2012 Bloom


You can search our journal subscriptions on our A-Z Journals page.
An NHS OpenAthens login may be required to access some of the online journals.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can obtain articles from other libraries for you via our Document Supply Service.

Here is a selection of some of the journals available for this specialty:

Journal Coverage Access note
American Journal of Gastroenterology + Supplements 2000- (1 year delay) NHS OpenAthens
Annals of Gastroenterology 2011- Freely available
BMC Gastroenterology 2001- Freely available
Case Reports in Gastroenterology 2007- Freely available
Clinical Medicine Insights: Gastroenterology 2008- NHS OpenAthens
Digestion 1996- (1 year delay) NHS OpenAthens
Frontline Gastroenterology 2010- NHS OpenAthens
Gastric Cancer 2002- (1 year delay) NHS OpenAthens
Gastroenterology Research & Practice 2008- Freely available
Gut 1960- NHS OpenAthens
Journal of Gastroenterology 2002- (1 year delay) NHS OpenAthens
Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery 1997- (1 year delay) NHS OpenAthens
Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology 2004- (1 year delay) NHS OpenAthens
Open Journal of Gastroenterology 2011- Freely available
Surgical Endoscopy 2000- (1 year delay) NHS OpenAthens
World Journal of Gastroenterology 1995- NHS OpenAthens

NHS Healthcare databases (HDAS) – (NHS OpenAthens login required)
Search across a set of databases including:
AMED – Allied & Complimentary Medicine – allied health professionals, complementary medicine
BNI – British Nursing Index –  nursing, midwifery and health visitors
CINAHL – Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature –  nursing & allied health professionals
EMBASE – Drugs and pharmacology
Healthcare Business Elite – Healthcare administration, institutional management
HMIC – Healthcare Management Consortium
Medline – general medicine database
PsycINFO – Psychology & allied fields.
ProQuest Hospital Premium Collection – (NHS OpenAthens login required)
PubMed – (no login required)

Evidence-based practice
For more information on these resources, full visit our full Evidence-based practice page.

BMJ Case Reports – NHS OpenAthens login required. Contact us for Fellowship Code to submit case reports.
Clinical Knowledge Summaries – no login required
Cochrane Library – no login required
NICE Evidence search – no login required. See also NICE Guidance, NICE Pathways & Standards & Indicators.
TRiP database – no login required. TRiP PRO is available from NHS networked PCs.
UpToDate – access via Hub (Non-Clinical Systems) on RD&E site, or via NHS OpenAthens off site.

BMJ Learning – NHS OpenAthens login & personal registration required
e-Learning for Healthcare – NHS OpenAthens login.
British Society of Gastroenterology


Here are some of the latest research publications written by RD&E authors in this specialty:
(added to the RD&E Research Repository):

If you’ve written an article, book or book chapter and you’d like the details added to the RD&E Research Repository, please contact us: rde-tr.ResearchRepository@nhs.net.

For more information on how the library can support your research, please visit the Research Hub.


NICE apps:

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BNF for Children
NICE Guidance

To use the NICE BNF and NICE BNFC apps for the first time and to activate any content updates, users will need to enter their NHS OpenAthens user name and password. For further advice, visit theNICE apps support page.


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