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Patient & Public Information

We live in the age of ‘Dr Google’ – how can you find high quality, reliable sources of health information online?

Please find below some websites which all meet the Information Standard and provide high quality health information.

Of course, these sites can only provide information, and not advice – if you have any health concerns, please speak to a medical professional.

NHS 10mm - RGB Blue_50%nhs.uk
Find information on:

  • conditions and treatments (Health A-Z),
  • Living well –  include diet, exercise, mental health
  • Care and support – social care services available in your area
  • Health news – finding the facts behind health news headlines
  • Local services near you – GPs, hospitals, dentists and urgent care facilities


  • Access health information on a variety of topics
  • Information leaflets
  • Find information on medicines
  • Online symptom checker
  • Online discussion forums

eMC (electronic Medicines Compendium)

  • Search or browse medications or companies
  • Download Patient Information Leaflets
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