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***Please note that the DPT Library collection has been temporarily moved to Exeter Health Library to allow for essential building works & development – for more information, see our blog post*** – Aug 17

Devon Partnership Trust Library
Wonford House Hospital
Dryden Road
Exeter, EX2 5AF

Tel: 01392 674104
E-mail: mary.smith30@nhs.net

The Devon Partnership Trust library concentrates mainly on psychiatry but provides a service to all Devon Partnership Trust staff. This library works co-operatively with Exeter Health Library and shares many services including:

Staffed opening hours
Staffed times tend to be ad hoc, so if it’s your first visit it is probably best to phone (01392 674107) or e-mail Mary Smith first: mary.smith30@nhs.net.

To join the library you will need to complete a registration form (click Word logo to download)EHL registration form
Complete the form and either return by e-mail (to: mary.smith30@nhs.net or rde-tr.library@nhs.net), post or in person. Once you have registered, you will be given the combination number of the library door so that you can have 24 hour access to the library if desired.

Borrowing books
The library has a “self-service” system so that books can be borrowed when Library staff are not available. There is a computerised catalogue, showing what books are held in the library. DPT books are indicated with ‘Wonford House Hosp Library (NHS)’ in the Location field. For more information on see our Books page.

IT facilities
Full internet access is available at the library site and at various points throughout the Trust. You will need a username and password from the IT department. There are 2 PCs and a flatbed scanner available for general use in the Library. Printing is available to DPT staff via the MFD devices through Wonford House Hospital.

Online resources
For more information on specific resources in psychiatry, please see our Psychiatry specialty web page.

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  1. […] contents of the DPT Library at Wonford House Hospital have temporarily moved into Exeter Health Library. This is to allow for […]

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